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Inclusion in the Black and White 2014 exhibition

I just received some exciting news that an image of mine was accepted into The Center For Fine Art Photography’s Black & White exhibition!

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What $4,000 of film looks like

I recently filled my film coffers as a price hike from Fuji is expected at the end of this month. I thought it would be a good idea to tally what I have in stock, been a while since Ive done so.

Turns out I have just over 500 rolls of film on hand! 460 rolls of 120 and about 40 rolls of 135. One particular film stock I have on hand is called Kodak E-100vs. Its a beautiful slide film that really sings in the reds, oranges, and browns. Its said that Velvia is for the spring and E-100 is for the Fall.

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Iceland II ~ New Portfolio

Skógafoss Under the Stars.

I just published a small collection of new images of Iceland. This small portfolio of 10 images contains some of my favorite images from my trip there last September.

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The hidden power of ND Grads

Most of you all know about Graduated Neutral Density Filters. I for one, find them to be indispensable, even when shooting with a digital camera. (more info on how to use them here)

They are used balance the exposure within a scene – typically between the bright sky and dark foreground…(as in the Photo above of Peanut Lake)

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Fujifilm Price Increase

Stock up now on your favorite films from Fuji as a global price increase will go into effect as of April 1st 2014.

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