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Film, like the camera itself, is an integral part of Raynor’s art. “Film leaves room for variation, room for the unknown to happen, and that’s where some incredible things can happen”. The Japanese have, for centuries, understood the value of “wabi-sabi,” or “perfect imperfection” and Raynor has similarly been able to embrace the inconsistencies that film can create. “I’m trying to be an imperfectionist, really, in my photography, to leave rooms for mistakes or anomalies. That’s where the real beauty comes from,” Raynor says. “Of course, strive for greatness in your craft. But perfection? … it’s not for me.”

You can see more of Raynor’s work or learn about his photography tours at the Crested Butte Fine Art Gallery at 403 3rd Street in Crested Butte.

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