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Black and White Miniatures

High altitude landscape photography can be incredibly rewarding, however, it does not come easy. One main challenge is the fleeting light during sunrise or sunset. Generally this is the only time I photograph landscapes (the quality of light is at its best during these times).  On average, I have about 2 to maybe 15 minutes to capture this brilliant display of color and light.
The following collection is a different story.



I’ve been discovering these beautiful marriages of shape, form, and tone while meandering through the Aspen groves around Crested Butte. I only venture out when it is snowing, or at the very least, overcast. The light is wonderfully soft and diffused, almost no shadows are present.



Hours can go by, and the light is still fantastic, quite a refreshing contrast to having to make images in just a few minutes.


All images shot on a Hasselblad 500 C/M and Fuji Acros B&W film


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