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I SHOT IT Competition Winner : First Prize

Competition Winner : First Prize

In incredibly honored to receive another first prize from this great contest…Thank you!

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Inclusion in the Black and White 2014 exhibition

I just received some exciting news that an image of mine was accepted into The Center For Fine Art Photography’s Black & White exhibition!

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Black and White Miniatures (Finished Portfolio)

There is something quite rewarding in seeing how a body of work comes together, especially one that was created over multiple outings, and a span of 4 months.

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Black and White Miniatures

High altitude landscape photography can be incredibly rewarding, however, it does not come easy. One main challenge is the fleeting light during sunrise or sunset. Generally this is the only time I photograph landscapes (the quality of light is at its best during these times).  On average, I have about 2 to maybe 15 minutes to capture this brilliant display of color and light.
The following collection is a different story.

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Winter Photography Workshops

Join me on a cross country ski tour out to the historic town of Gothic and stay the night in the Luxurious Maroon hut.

Spend the evening photographing the sunset over the historic buildings as well as the dramatic mountain scenery. After dinner, return outside to a nighttime winter wonderland to photograph night sky.

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Lupine in the Wind

“Lupine in the Wind”

Shot this in mid June. The Lupine were incredibly beautiful this year.
Roughly a 40 second exposure on Velvia 50


Baldy Reflection

Well hello everyone!

Its been about a month since my last post. Been busy with photography lessons/workshops and manning the gallery.

I haven’t shot much in the last 6 weeks, but I did get out to capture this nice reflection of Mt. Baldy not long ago.

Shot on a Mamiya 7ii, 43mm lens, Velvia 50, minor dodging and burning in Lightroom 5, no color enhancement whatsoever…one of the many reasons I still shoot film

Hope you all are having a great Summer!.

Summer Images

The wildflowers here in Crested Butte are having a fantastic year. If you have the means to do so, I highly recommend making a trip out to any one of the many flowering meadows. Its a beautiful sight.

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Feburary Workshop Reminder


Our “Hut” out at the historic town of Gothic

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Winter Photography Workshops ~ Crested Butte Photography Workshop

Winter Photographic Workshops Crested Butte, Colorado
I  have 3 workshops scheduled for this winter season here in Crested Butte, Colorado. All three involve a easy/moderate ski tour and overnight stay at the luxurious Maroon Hut in the historic town of Gothic.

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Alley Doors ~ Crested Butte, Colorado

Alley Doors Crested Butte Colorado
During December and January of this winter season, I wandered through the alleys of Crested Butte, finding and photographing the unique and beautiful doors that grace the back roads of this picturesque town. When I first began looking for these doors I could only find a few at a time, but the more I walked around, I started to see them everywhere. I was taken with the colors, textures, and characters of these doors.  Coupled with the falling snow, they created a wonderful scene.

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