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Summer/Fall Photography Workshops and Lessons:


During the Summer and Fall here in Crested Butte, I offer evening Photography lessons. These are generally about 3 hours of intensive, yet fun, instruction in the field. Beginner to advanced photographers are welcome.

I believe one of the best ways to learn is hands on, in a field of wildflowers or under a grove of golden aspen with a dramatic sky.

Main points that are covered during our time together in the field.:

  • How to actually move through the landscape you are photographing.  I like to emphasize a calm approach…receptivity, and patience is key here.
  • Relationships within the frame and how to tie it all together. Finding a foreground, or a background can be fairly simple, but I find most people struggle with putting it all together. I will give you some simple techniques to accomplish this quickly and effortlessly.
  • Finding compositions and tips on learning to see “flat” or in 2 dimensions.
  • Getting a good exposure and reading histograms.
  • Hyper-focal distance and using proper f-stops to ensure maximum depth of field.
  • The Use of Graduated Neutral Density Filters (if you are shooting landscapes, digital or film, I believe these filters are essential).
  • Tripod techniques. Anybody ever actually show you how to use your tripod? Ill give you some methods to keeping your three legged friend working with you, not against you.
  • Metering tips for the film shooters. Ill give you some great tips on using a light meter and finding 18% grey in a scene…as well as all of the above!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.



1 person: $75/hr

2 people:  $100/hr

3 people: $125/hr

4 people: $150/hr

5 people: $175/hr

6 people (max): $200/hr