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Image printing, framing, matting, and pricing.


Matted Prints

These photographs come mounted on acid free mat-boards, white conservation backing, signed, and stored in clear bags. I offer two sizes: 8×10 prints (11×14 exterior) and 11×14 prints (16×20 exterior), both of which are common frame sizes to keep your framing costs to a minimum.

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Photographic Prints:

Currently, I only offer “LightJet” prints. A LightJet photograph is an actual photographic print exposed by the LightJet laser printer. The printer reads the information in a digital file, then uses lasers to expose the image onto Kodak Endura paper. This paper has been tested to be more archival than other popular color printing methods (lasting over 70 years without noticeable fading in controlled conditions),  LightJet printers set the standard for true photographic quality.

“A LightJet Print is not photo quality, it is a true photograph on actual photographic paper”

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What is the process?

The LightJet laser printer exposes photographic paper with laser light.  There is no ink, and no printhead going back and fourth, hence no banding, no grainy dot pattern.  Unexposed silver-halide photographic paper is temporarily fixed on an internal drum, where three digitally controlled lasers simultaneously expose the photo-sensitive emulsion on the paper medium (or back-lit transparency medium) with red, green, and blue light.

Kodak Endura Professional Papers:

I offer one paper type, Lustre. Lustre is a paper that is between gloss and Matt in appearance, slightly less reflective than gloss and a bit more glossy than traditional matt paper. I like this paper due to the fact that one does not see the “Orange peal” effect when the photo is mounted onto archival foam-core or styrene. When the photo is printed on glossy paper, then mounted, you see what looks like an orange peal surface when viewing the photo at an angle.


Framing:Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 10.29.20 AM

I currently frame all my work right here in Crested Butte. I almost exclusively use 1 frame “family”.  It is a beautiful dark wood molding made in Italy and imported to the US. One of the main reasons I like this frame, other than the high quality and elegant look, is that it does not warp. Larger frames are very susceptible to this especially in dry environments (like here in Crested Butte at 9000 feet). I do have access to a large supply and multitude of frames if this does not meet your needs, including metal frames (please cont me with any questions about other options) .

I also only use high quality UV glass that blocks 99% of damaging light rays that otherwise would fade your investment.



Bainbridge AlphaRag Art Care mats are the mats of choice for archival framing. Alpharag Artcare offers the highest level of quality available.  Made from the purest cotton rag pulp and subject to rigorous quality control, each board is hand-inspected for cleanliness and integrity.  Unlike other museum rag boards Alpharag is made with equal plies of 100% cotton for superior rigidity and stability.  Alpharag Artcare features solid consistent color through to the core. It is the best you can select for fine art and photo matting.




  • 8 x 10     Matted Photograph    $40
  • 11 x 14   Matted Photograph    $80
  • 16 x 20    $250
  • 16 x 24    $275
  • 20 x 24    $350
  • 20 x 30    $400
  • 24 x 30    $500
  • 24 x 36    $550
  • 30 x 40    $675
  • 30 x 45    $725
  • 40 x 50    $1,200
  • 40 x 60    $1,300



Framed Photograph Dimensions and Prices:

  • 11 x 14    $250
  • 11 x 16    $275
  • 16 x 20    $450
  • 16 x 24    $525
  • 20 x 24    $650
  • 20 x 30    $725
  • 24 x 30    $875
  • 24 x 36    $1,400
  • 30 x 40    $1,800




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