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Happy Mistakes

About 9 years ago, I spent some time in Thailand photographing seascapes. At the time, I recently went back to film after shooting digital for a few years.

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IntrepidNOW Interview

Thanks to my good friend Bill Ramsey for this great interview! It was a ton of fun, and be sue to check out all the other interviews by some amazing photographers.


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Wisdom: Andrew Zuckerman

For those of you who enjoyed Andrew Zuckerman’s Music Documentary, you will love his documentary on Wisdom.

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Music: Andrew Zuckerman

This documentary film came out some time ago, but I keep coming back to it, revisiting it with new eyes and ears. Every time I watch this fantastic film, I learn something new. There is such a diverse and rich collection of influential artists here it is staggering. There are a ton of parallels with photography, or any other creative process for that matter.
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