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Thailand Bike Tour ~ Spring 2011

Return to Thailand
Spring Bike tour 2011
My wife Susan and I will be flying to Thailand this Tuesday for a tour of some of Thailand’s most secluded and beautiful beaches. April and May is a great time to visit as it is “off season” there, it’s less crowded, and cheaper. It is also the hottest time of the year, but being on a bike tends to cool you down.

(our route below)

This route (at least from Phetchaburi to Surat Thani) consists of small fishing villages, remote beaches where you are the only person within sight on the beach,  a temple on top of a bechside hill where you can see for miles in every direction, white dolphins, an island with only monkeys living on it, fantastic seafood, and great sealed roads with wide shoulders.

Traveling with 9lbs of film


Luckily, I have front panniers with my bike to store this film. I will most likely get my film developed in Bangkok, there are a few pro labs there, and that would beat subjecting the film to the heat of South East Asia, which can do nasty things to this medium.
Susan has her own challenge of bike touring with her painting supplies, but she is working on an ingenious system to pack all her paints, brushes, panels, canvases (rolled up). I will post some of her work as we go on my blog section of my website.

The photography Equipment I am taking consists of the following:

Mamiya 7ii camera
43mm 80mm and 150mm lenses
Sekonic Light Meter
Gitzo tripod
130 rolls of film Stored in REI insulated soft lunch boxes (Velvia and Kodak Portra)
Various Filters…ND’s, ND Grads


There are many benefits to traveling by bicycle.
Just to name a few:
You move at a wonderfully slow pace and in doing this, I believe one can really “see” more.
One can access places off the beaten path.
You get daily exercise.
You are generally cooler while biking.
You put yourself out there, and in doing so, I find people are more apt to open up to you.


I hope to create many new images to share with you all upon our return.
In the meantime, with all the packing and planning we must do for this trip, I decided it would be a fantastic time to completely redesign my website. When you get a moment, please take a peek! I am open to any suggestions or insights about my new site (I am still working on the e-commerce side of it)  LucidLandscape.com
I am also planning on writing about our experiences on my website, so if you are interested in reading of our adventures, please check periodically here.


Thanks for reading and have a fantastic Spring!.

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